Sell Your Home Yourself

Steps to Selling Your Home Yourself

Selling a home is an exhausting undertaking. As a Realtor, it is the hardest part of my job. When I list someone’s house for sale, I spend hours thinking about the best way to market the property. Every house has a story to tell and buyers love to see and hear this story in online property listings. Selling a house as a For-Sale-By Owner (FSBO) is even more challenging because, in order to net the highest possible sales price. you have two jobs. One, you must take on the job of a Realtor to market the house off and online to solicit the most attention from buyers possible. Of course, you'll be putting on your negotiator hat for when you do get an offer. Then when you have a successfully negotiated accepted offer, you must be able to emotionally detach to get through the escrow period which includes buyer inspections and requests for repairs etc. For your other job, you also have all the responsibilities as a homeowner to get your house ready, from the yard to every corner of your house and once you're under contract, prepare for the move (planning, packing, etc) With all that said, it’s very possible to sell your house as a FSBO and to be successful at it, if you have the time, patience and endurance to deal with the challenges ahead.

I’ve learned many things selling homes as a Realtor that I could never have known as a first time FSBO. In an effort to help people who earnestly want to give it a shot and list their home on their own, I've written this step by step plan to get it done. It will help you understand the most important things to focus on and be successful as a For-Sale-By Owner.